My name is RPM the fast. I live a life of solitude. My only real plans for life were to play with my computer and always be the first in line when they were selling tickets to new frontier. They haven't been selling for a good eight months now and it's got me down. I haven't gone outside for two weeks. I'm hungry and need to go out but I just can't bare it. What's the fucking point? I sleep on a cot and stare at air and listen to the mouse run on his wheel. I can't look out the window because they are all covered with plastic to keep the drafts out. It's cold outside. I have awful nightmares about the volcano. I had a dream the other night that my role in life is to get the word out to the people, anyhow any way, warn them of their impending doom. I don't really think I can do it. I don't really like talking. What can I do though, I have to follow my dreams, right? I must warn the people that the earth bound Beeper may lead them toward a life of doom, I must tell them that while in a weekened state the Beeper was reformatted by the evil Cloud People and now THE BEEPER IS A PUPPET LEADER! I know Beepers are reknowned for just leadership but this Beeper is ill. I must warn the people and they must listen to me. ME ME ME ME - not the Beeper!