The leaders are coming. My personal leader was a transsexual, a transsexual what I won't tell you, not people, not the human cannonball I can assure you. All right, twist my arm, I'll tell you, it was a Beeper. The first time I saw this Beeper, it was standing in the sun, flexing and puffing. It was the real thing. I felt instant heat for it's baby soft furry round jowls. Then the Beeper winked at me. I know it wasn't a one eyed blink I just know it. Beeper had googly eyes. Yes! It was this Beeper who I wanted to be my leader. I'd bow down cow toed. Hell I'd travel over hill and dale to the ends of the earth to fight the two headed dragon to be by this Beepers side. So we got a hotel room in a real swank joint called the Hotel California, Mirrors on the ceiling, pink champagne on ice. You know what happened next. Wink wink nod nod say no more. I just couldn't help myself. I just had to. I ate my leader. I swallowed my leader whole. In my stomach it said, What? What did it say? I couldn't quite hear it. It tried to get out. Oh no I didn't let it out no way, I said no to barf back in 5th grade and besides I needed the love nutrients. Welcome to the Hotel California. Welcome to the Hotel California. Digesting. Digesting all leaders. The soft bodied leaders came to an end as morsels of surely goodness while their heart and soul went into the ether to fly about endlessly. Their play things are green flashes, auroras, and the black clouded night for they are the flittering bad asses in the sky.

Black Clouds / White Rain

Zeek Sheck - Computer Learning Center, Rays, Vox, Guitar, Bass, Flutaphone, Clarinet, Drums, Harmonica, Tongue c/Jiggling Machine, Bloopers record.

lyrics for I Love You

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